I hate Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel Radcliffe, star of the Harry Potter films, turns 18 today and in addition to being able to gamble, drink in bars and see R-rated movies, he will now also have access to his $40 million. Despite sitting on a massive fortune, Radcliffe insists he won’t be wasting it on booze and cars.

“I don’t plan to be one of those people who, as soon as they turn 18, suddenly buy themselves a massive sports car collection or something similar,” he told an Australian interviewer earlier this month. “I don’t think I’ll be particularly extravagant. “The things I like buying are things that cost about 10 pounds – books and CDs and DVDs.”

This dude is weak. He’s got $40 million stashed somewhere. The least he could do is set aside $1 million and use that on strippers and blow. Then take $5 million to invest and hopefully make up that $1 million he wasted. Instead, he’ll spend it on CDs and DVDs. Whatever kid. You haven’t lived until you’ve pushed a naked stripper near death out of your car in front of a hospital and sped away.

Speaking of which, the new Harry Potter book set a new record for the industry by selling 8.3 million copies in its first 24 hours. Beware the power of nerd.

  • Nicolina

    Excellent, this means I can perv without feeling like a dirty old woman :S

  • And how!

  • I just realized that came out wrong.

  • Amy

    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with not wasting your money on needless things just to prove to others that you can buy something. He’s smart.

    Maybe more American teens can be more like him. Practical and responsible

  • I agree with Amy. Why on earth he should spend his money on strippers and blow…

  • t’sha

    who the hell writes these b’shit comments, do any of ya no danny?! pleeeeze get a life…..

  • casper

    yeah! we love daniel! he’s just being smart! you’re just jelous of his wealth!

  • Anne

    All the haters of Daniel can [email protected] OFF!! :)

  • anon..

    why do you choose to hate someone if you dont know them, just coz they are richer than you!?! whoever came up with the “I hate Daniel” is probly broke, and doesnt get it regularly enough…poor bastard…how sad.

  • sav

    hey, lay off him,

    i think ur worse than him

  • liz

    he was cute in the first movie, possibly in the second…. but then her grew up into a total prick. how can people fancy him?! he isn’t even good looking, let alone hot. I really doubt that he will just stick to buying DVDs. I reckon in a couple of years he will be photographed coming out of a strip club, with a hooker on each arm. He has totally ruined Harry Potter, he is a rubbish actor, and after filming all the Potters, he should just disappear and never make another film, programme or even be photographed again. (why would anyone want to look at something so sickening?) so to conclude I HATE DANIEL RADCIFFE!
    P.S Rupert Grint… now he is HOT!

  • Hotstuffornot

    Whoever was the freak who decided that daniel radcliffe was the perfect actor for harry potter was obviously drunk. J.K Rowling should stand up and admit that this nude loving git sucks! HE was cute in the first movie (cute in the fluffy bunny way) but he turned into a disaster worse than the titanic and believe, THAT’S BAD!!!
    Whoever likes this freak is obviously mentally disorientated. GOSH! Infact I feel partially sorry for them. NOT!!!

    PS: Snape looks better than him, infact even voldemort does.

  • Smellyweetbix


  • +*+Angel

    Blurgh, he’s gay

    I saw him at a stripclub one night,
    I have to bear pictures of him in the tabloyds EVERYDAY!!!
    Freak~Wish he’d get a life.

  • Dom

    t’sha ay? you say don’t hate on Daniel cause we don’t know him. do you even know him?? i have to admit Daniel seems like a nice person in interviews but lets face it he is an ugly little s**t! He looks so gay in that photo, and he spent his 18th birthday watching cricket!!!???! He says hes not going to waste $40 Million, you dont have to spend millions to have fun! we all know whyhe wouldnt spend any of it, he wouldnt know how! to i bet you hasnt even had a sip of a drink! GET A LIFE!

  • Nothing

    Danial is a stupid movie pretty-boy, bloody retard

    • Sanjusanath

      look.who ever you are just buzz of and if you dont know anything about him dont speak.keep your stupid opinions to yourself.dan is great

    • R71parker

      if he was pretty boy it would be quite so bad but her grown up looking awful

  • anon…

    haters of dan r full of themselves, I find it laughable that they would spend their precious time writing about someone you hate…they probly dont have money or looks, what a shame (not)…
    me, Im just passing the time, I have a valid excuse!

  • Daniel

    Daniel Radcliffe is a terrible actor. he fucked up what could have been a brilliant movie series. all the other actors are brilliant. even the smaller ones like Evanna Lynch, but Daniel is pathetic. And what the fuck is with his naked photos. what an asshole.

    i hope he never does anymore movies. It just wrecks them

    • Nothing

      you there buzz of because your no one to say anything about dan.besides if you have an opinion keep it yorself mr.dan is great


    what an utter disaster this guy is. he can’t act to save his life, he is butt ugly and has no balls. he made harry potter look like a gutless poof, and ruined a potentially great movie. the books blew me away & enthralled me and the films just made me cringe with embarassment and the hope the ground would just open up and swallow me. TALENTLESS FREAK!

  • nenna

    i very…very… hate daniel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • R71parker

      head like cube chews his words if only colin morgan, merlin, hadnt been passed over for this son of luvvies harry potter might still be watchable if you wanto know how bad he is watch my boy jack ludicrous now hes been cast as handsome photogapher in palestine another bad joke

  • Beef Matthews

    Call booze, strippers, blow and fancy cars all unnecessary, irresponsible and controversial uses for money but this author knows a thing or two about partying and budgeting, that’s why I would even consider him or her as my financial advisor. What is the point in living if you are constantly condemning yourself to living a boring life?

    Heroine, dead prostitutes, being late for work, setting chickens on fire, putting your shoes on the table and stealing children’s lunch money to buy pornography all the way!

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