J. J. Abrams 1-18-08 might be called “Monstrous”

Remember J. J. Abram’s Cloverfield / 1-18-08 trailer that premiered before Transformers? Someone with a lot of time on their hands (read: nerd, just kidding, *rolls eyes*) was at a booth selling movie posters where he noticed one which fit the description of Abram’s new movie. I’ll let the dude do the talking, writing, whatever.

Anyway, I was at a large booth where they sell movie posters. One of the posters there had a snapshot of the statue of liberty overlooking the city of new york. The statue was missing it’s head and at the top in large white letters it said “Monstrous”. The lower right corner had in smaller white letters, 1-18-08.

“Monstrous”? Because it has a monster in it, right? Either I’m a genius (I probably am) or that is the weakest name they could have come up with. I’d love to work with the guys responsible for this.

Jerry: “Hey, Jim. We gotta think up of a name for Abram’s new movie. The deadline is in an hour. I’m thinking ‘Monstrous’ because there’s a monster in it.”
Jim: “LOVE it. Let’s go celebrate our accomplishment with some hot dogs.”
Jerry: “Hey, Jim.”
Jim: “Yes?”
Jerry: “Why are you unzipping your pants?”
Jim: “Oh… hot dogs. Rrrright.”

On second thought, I changed my mind. Want more reasons to believe this? Paramount has even registered

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16 years ago

That almost makes me not want to see it. Almost.

16 years ago