Jennifer Lopez is orange

Jennifer Lopez showed up at the El Cantante premiere looking like this. She was going for the one-color look. Popular among animals looking to hide from predators. If you spun Helen Keller around 50 times and told her to style J.Lo, it’d be better than this. A hungry bear would have done better than this.

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Jinxy McDeath
Jinxy McDeath
16 years ago

She’s been wearing those god awful Marchessa gowns, Harvey Wienstiens GF designs. They are all hideous and dowdy. Harvey begs actresses to wear the rags, she apparently wants to keep a working option open.

Jlo probably wants to look matronly for marc, he’s the jealous type. Orange matching lipstick? *shudder* by the time this marriage is over Jlo will will be matronly for real, with no career in movies or music.