Jessica Simpson has real boobs

Jessica Simpson hasn’t followed in her sister’s footsteps and undergone plastic surgery, but the singer hasn’t ruled it out. Jessica tells Bazaar she would consider having her breasts lifted if they ever sagged to her belly, for “maintenance.” She also refutes rumors that she had a jaw replacement.

“People have said that I’ve had things like a jaw replacement or implant or something. I’m photographed every day of my life and have never worn any bandages or anything, so how could that be right?”

In some pictures, Jessica looks pretty hot. In others, she’s pretty fug. It’s always a gamble with her. Which is why I suggest keeping a spare brown bag handy. Whenever she’s in fug mode, make her wear it and since she’s not very bright, tell her it’s Halloween. She’ll probably end up giving you a bj because you care so much.

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Herman B
16 years ago

do push ups and they’ll never sag. what’s wrong juicy? did you honestly think that love would be that easy on you. you need it and you won’t get over it