Les Deux is dangerous

Technically, this has nothing to do with celebrities, but it does have to do with one of the popular celeb hangouts called Les Deux. TMZ caught video footage of a cat fight outside of the famed club where girls wail on this other girl whose boob popped out the entire fight. The next video shows the guys fighting where, near the end, one of the guys runs and knocks a girl out cold (video at bottom of post). A few minutes later, police roll by looking like Chief Wiggum with a spotlight. Anyway, here are your time wasters. Don’t forget to check the video at the bottom. I recommend fast forwarding to the end.

  • Bastardly: The camera magically lights Kim Kardashian’s ass.
  • CityRag: Kelly Clarkson Cops Pot
  • Drunkey Stepfather: Diane Kruger from National Treasure is naked (NSFW)
  • Bossip: Rihanna wants to be the black Madonna.
  • Horny Oyster: Jennifer Ellison and Danielle Lloyd at the pool.
  • Yeeeah: Britney Spears’ manny sold dildos.
  • Toxic Mag: Paris Hilton’s first nip slip out of jail. Aww, this goes in my baby book. (NSFW)
  • CollegeHumor: Kinda funny practical joke and kind of creepy video.
  • UseMyComputer: Gisele Bundchen is some sort of weird display.
  • Celebitchy: Jessica Simpson launches her swim wear which means lots of bikinis in the fashion show.
  • SOW: Becks bans the Spice Girls from staying over
  • Attuworld: Emma Watson wants to get naked.
  • CS: Nicky Hilton Buys New Home for $2.8 Million
  • TC: Britney Spears still dresses funny.
  • EB: Lindsay’s lesbian lover sues over cocaine allegations.
  • ASL: Drunken Miss USA Sees The Light, Marks The Occasion With Tats

  • I didn’t see that dude hit the girl, I disagree with that.

  • I tried slowing the vid down to get a better look, but stupid player couldn’t do it. I was going by what everyone in the crowd said.

  • opp

    LA cops are as useless as a used tampon..using tax dollars on them is such a waste.

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