Lindsay Lohan can drink legally now

Lindsay Lohan turns 21 today and is reportedly moving out of her Sierra Towers apartment so she can live a clean and sober lifestyle when she leaves rehab. According to NYDN,

But a West Coast spy reports that her belongings have quietly been moved out of her apartment at the Sierra Towers in L.A.

“The Sierra Towers is party central,” says an insider. “Lindsay has made the decision not to be around that when she gets out.”

Current and former residents of the glamorous address include Matthew Perry, Vincent Gallo, Cher, PJ Harvey, Evander Holyfield, Joan Collins, Peter Lawford, Fred Durst, Sidney Poitier, George Hamilton and David Geffen.

The first thing Lindsay will do when she gets out of rehab is to forget where she was for the past month. She’ll go to a club, do some blow, down a few Jack and Cokes and fall through a crack in the Earth where she’ll live with mole men until the end of days. Trust me, I’m never wrong.

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