Mel Gibson really likes Costa Rica

Mel Gibson

Say “Cheese,” sugar tits.

  • Bastardly: Salma Hayek still pregnant and still purple
  • UseMyComputer: Jessica Simpson makes her ‘O’ face
  • Bossip: 5 cent explains why he’s not hot anymore
  • Drunken Stepfather: Kelly Osbourne eats Popsicles. I would expect nothing less.
  • CityRag: Hot Trend: Crazy Hollywood Moms
  • Celebslam: Lunch with Teri Hatcher
  • Celebitchy: Simon Cowell tells Kelly Clarkson to be quiet
  • CS: Amy Winehouse is still skinny
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  • HB: The Humane Society doesn’t like Britney Spears
  • Grumpiest: Jessica Biel likes watching dudes dance
  • Yeeeah: Megan Fox has mutant thumbs. Awesome.
  • Pajiba: Scott Baio is 45 and still on TV.
  • CollegeHumor: Ghost Ridin’ Grandma…uhhhk
  • Pirate Bay: The last Harry Potter is here. I think this is the right link.
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