Morrissey has a beef with Madonna

During a PETA benefit show in Norfolk, Virginia, Morrissey criticized Madonna accusing her of Angelina Jolie nut-huggery. Wait, Angelina doesn’t have nuts. Ovary-huggery? He told the audience,

“I wouldn’t be surprised if she made that African boy she adopted into a coat and wore him for 15 minutes, then threw it away,” presumably blasting the trendy singer for hopping on the Angelina bandwagon by adopting 21-month old David Banda from Malawi last year.

Madonna’s reps fired back,

“In an attempt to trash Madonna, he revealed himself,” a rep for the singer fired back exclusively to “What kind of a person could even call up such imagery and words?”

I’ll tell you what kind of person. The kind of person who should be writing for this site. Morrissey, you’ve captured my heart, but alas, you can never capture my soul. Although, I will say this in Madonna’s defense. You can’t use African babies as coats. Try American babies. They’re better fed and therefore, make much better coats. Their kidneys are worth a lot too.

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16 years ago

I think the reference to wearing him as a coat is because of the chinchillas she adopted and then made into a coat last fall which is sick and effed up.
Morrissey is definetly more intelligent than Madonna, hes always been dignified shes always been a ridiculous novelty. Die alread would you madge? your like what 70?

16 years ago

Haha, I love Moz, but I feel bad for Madonna. I mean, she’s way past menopause now, let her adopt and her kids get rich when she chokes on some leatherette strap.