Nick Lachey is a man of few words

  • Bastardly: Bastardly remembers Jennifer Love Hewitt.
  • CityRag: David Spade Nose Comedy
  • Drunken Stepfather: Jenna Jameson is ugly, dances
  • Yeeeah: Beyonce Knowles’ Blaze of Glory Injures Fans
  • Celebitchy: What’s wrong with Courtney Love’s teeth?!
  • Attuworld: I don’t know who Valeria Mazza is, but she’s in a bikini
  • Celebslam: Gwen Stefani walks around with her baby
  • Horny Oyster: Anne Hathaway likes nerds. You have a chance.
  • Bossip: Eddie Murphy walking around with his new gf, probably still denying he has a kid.
  • TC: Venus Williams shows nipple (NSFW)
  • IDLYITW: Teri Hatcher is Wonderful
  • College Humor: Every bassist ever and Spinal Tap.
  • SOW: Tom Cruise found another way to control Katie Holmes?
  • HB: Jessica and Daisy Simpson At Austin Airpot
  • EB: Michael Moore Goes Wonderfully Apeshit on CNN
  • Grumpiest: Camilla Sjoberg is WAY Too Frikin’ Hot
  • College Humor: Acapella groups are awesome.

They released the Cloverfield trailer too. I know I’m really late on this one.

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