Nicole Richie gets her delay

Nicole Richie’s DUI case has been pushed back another month despite yesterday’s report that a continuance wouldn’t be issued. This is due to the fact Richie’s whole case rests on the expert witness, Dr. McGee, who’s currently on vacation. McGee is expected to challenge the drug test results even though Nicole readily admitted to police she took Vicodin and smoked pot. The bright side is the little waif will be required to appear in court on August 16.

The word “idiot” is thrown around a lot. But, in this case, it has never been more fitting. Nicole Richie is said to have become pregnant to avoid going to jail. Now she wants to fight the drug test results. I half expect her to send a 12-year-old girl dressed like her to court because she thinks she’s so clever. I can see her rubbing her two bony hands together laughing maniacally thinking she’s a criminal mastermind like the Joker, but in reality she’s more like Wile E. Coyote.

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16 years ago

Nicole Richie IS delayed!!!