Pamela Anderson has no shame

Pamela Anderson was at Revolution nightclub wearing a simple white shirt with no bra and bright orange shorts. Apparently, trying to live her dream of being a Hooters girl. You can tell people felt embarrassed for her because there’s a guy lifting up her pants to cover whatever 40-year-old horrors lie beneath. If this thing was at the same club as me, I’d throw my hands up in the air and leave. I didn’t pay 20 bucks to watch a haggard bimbo shake her fake saggy tits. I paid 20 bucks to buy $8 dollar watered down alcohol and watch cock teases dance. The night is supposed to end in sexual frustration not mental castration. Hey, that rhymes. I’m awesome.

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14 years ago

The guy pulling up her pants is David Spade.

14 years ago

Man, I didn’t even notice that. Good catch.

14 years ago

Pamela Anderson doesn’t seem to be aging too well from the looks of some recent Cannes photos. I know that she just turned 40, but she has been such a knockout for so long that it’s surprising to see her look so haggard. Maybe her lifestyle has finally caught up to her. There’s a website that contains many celebrity sex videos from over the years. It’s (NSFW) and it includes quite a few Pamela Anderson sex videos from the last 10 years. You can see just how unbelievably beautiful she was. She was someone that I thought would always… Read more »

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