Paris Hilton was paid to lie

Barbara Walters was supposed to score the first post-jail interview with Paris Hilton due to her long standing friendship with the Hiltons. At least, that’s what Barbara thought before the Hiltons took NBC’s much better offer. They were reportedly paid $1 million.

“I kinda figured I’d get the interview,” Walters said on ABC’s “The View.” “It turns out there were other considerations.” That’s when NBC blew ABC out of the water with a big-money offer, Walters said. The Post first reported NBC had agreed to pay the Hiltons $1 million – be fore the network backed out due to public outrage. “NBC’s was much more, and Rick Hilton said to me, ‘You know I owe you one, and I’m sorry, but we’re going to go with NBC,’ ” Walters recalled.

Money well spent NBC. You paid Paris Hilton to lie to your face. Rather, to Larry King’s face. A changed person? Never did drugs? You could have paid a chimpanzee a banana and gotten a better interview. America could have watched poo being flung at Larry King. Instead, we got to watch a functional retard talk about nothing.

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