Penelope Cruz has a sister

Here’s Monica Cruz at the beach in the bikini. She’s Penelope Cruz’s sister and, sure, that doesn’t make her a celebrity or anything, but there’s not much else going on today. I was debating whether or not to put up pictures of myself running around the beach, but I don’t think that would be a good idea since there isn’t a computer on the planet capable of withstanding my manliness. It would probably just blow up in your face.

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14 years ago

wow they look so much alike, especially when she’s wearing those sunglasses. you need to get a closeup of her face so we can examine the differences, maybe she’s the younger better version of penelope!

14 years ago

You know, I understand is none of your interest (you’re American after all and everyone knows you ARE self-centered, no offence, it’s just a fact), but Mónica Cruz IS celebrity in Europe, especially in Spain, Italy and France. She’s a dancer and actress who’s appeared in a famous tv-show and many films. So maybe you should say she’s not a celebrity in USA. By the way, I thinks she’s prettier than Pe

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