Posh Spice has sexy legs

The Daily Mail put up some pictures of Victoria Beckham’s legs during a recent photoshoot and they looked pretty gross. Like she was infected with flesh eating bacteria or as The Daily Mail calls it, saggy skin from a vigorous diet and little excercise.

However, on pictures posted to a certain board, Victoria Beckham’s legs look fine. Photoshopped or just good timing? Who knows, but I’m sure someone less lazy than me will find out. Until then, I’ll be in my Bat-cave doing my bat-business which is just a fancy way of saying I’m going to go to the bathroom and poop.

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16 years ago

Awesome skills… I took Photoshop for one day and I can do that. I bet they used the “liquify” tool… Weird part of the body to try and make look disgusting though.

16 years ago

Totally… That cannot be real! Too weird. Guess someone got bored, and decided to mess with her picture. I feel sorry for the way these “celebs” are totally hunted for thier photo. I mean, they get NO privacy, anywhere, anytime! I am happy I dont have to deal with such things. :)
Stop trying to find things to pick on Mrs. Beckham about!

16 years ago

for those that think those shots are real – LOL