Star Jones was fat, had surgery

Everyone already knew Star Jones didn’t lose all that weight through diet and exercise, but the ex-View host wouldn’t cop to anything. Now, in a new self-written article, she reveals she had gastric bypass surgery. Shocker. The fatty writes,

Whenever I felt lonely, a Double Whopper with cheese became my friend. If I felt sad, six strips of bacon made me feel better.

My weight gain began to take a physical toll: I couldn’t breathe without sounding winded; walk without getting tired; sleep without snoring; or take a flight without using a seat belt extender. I pretended not to see how big I was getting – but not only did I see it, I was disgusted by it. I also pretended not to see the side looks and smirks from friends and strangers, or to comprehend the backhanded compliments I often received, such as, “You have such a pretty face” (I knew they really wanted to add, “for a woman of your size”).

The whole thing is her whining and telling herself it’s alright to take the easy way out. Her friend told her she was too fat and the first thing that popped into her mind was surgery. It should have been “stop eating fatty”. Run on a treadmill. On second thought, that may not have worked. The treads probably wouldn’t even have moved. The only thing the treadmill would have done was say, “Heeeellllp meeeee.”

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