Tara Reid is made of plastic

Tara Reid has copped to fixing her saggy, uneven breasts after a botched plastic surgery left her looking like a prostitute on her last legs. This time by a board certified plastic surgeon, not the one in Mexico who uses a piece of broken mirror for a scalpel. However, her rippling stomach still remains.

But now after having the procedures corrected, she said: “I feel like a girl again…I walk out of the shower now and it’s like wow I’m back.”

Wow. You hear that? Tara Reid is back. Now that worthless tart can go find a job. I recommend Burger King. Their health benefits are excellent and they got that crazy plastic faced King and the subservient chicken. Not only that, Tara can tell everyone her stomach is like that because of a horrible deep fryer accident she rather not talk about. She’ll be regarded as a queen by all the other freaks working there.

I realize I should have put these up in the first place and said something about how her boobs are still uneven. Get off my back. More after the jump.

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PS doctor
PS doctor
16 years ago

wow… is this really how you spent your time? I hope for your sake you just came across these and didn’t spend the time photoshop stamping them yourself, cause they’re a tad crude. shading is off and it’s funny how fabric folds around the left breast just sorta decide to do whatever they want. And I don’t care what you say, there is no plastic surgeon in the world bad enough to make one boob come out square…. and why does the angle of the square seem to shift in various photos? weird. On the plus side, the blending was… Read more »

16 years ago

she looks like a carrot