Time wasters

Green Day does the cover of The Simpsons theme song. I might have a contest for free stuff soon. Who doesn’t like free stuff? You, with the raised hand? Well, you’re a communist.

  • Bossip: Bossip gets an exclusive interview with Kim Kardashian. Denies plastic surgery and pee.
  • UseMyComputer: Kate Beckinsale in a bikini.
  • Bastardly: Alyson Hannigan in a bikini.
  • CityRag: Lip Deformities of the Stars
  • Drunken Stepfather: Rihanna and her shiny, sexy legs
  • JJ: Tom and Katie get their freaky dance on
  • CS: Funny sports pictures
  • HO: Kid gets owned by hot pepper
  • TC: More Britney pregnant rumors
  • CollegeHumor: Sims Horror Picture Show
  • AB: Posh discovers new style American bra
  • CNW: Cate Blanchett Showsitt
  • Nicolina

    I just got back from seeing the Simpsons movie, it was bloody good.

  • You make me jealous

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