Tom Cruise iz a Nazi

Tom Cruise

  • Bastardly: Danielle Lloyd will do anything for money.
  • CityRag: NYC’s Terror Fighting Police Dogs
  • Celebitchy: Kate Moss changes all her phone numbers, cuts all ties with Pete Doherty
  • Drunkey Stepfather: Cindy Crawford is a MILF.
  • Bossip: Mya wears interesting tights.
  • JIYHB: Britney Spears might go crazy again.
  • CS: Amy Winehouse spits on fans.
  • CC: Heather Mills wants to make a deal.
  • EB: Jodie Sweetin Continues to Make Really Healthy Decisions
  • LAT: Billionaire sought secret lair for sex, drugs, complaint says. Random? Yes!
  • ASL: Courtney Love Trying to Stir up Some Shit with Gwen
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