Amy Winehouse is in rehab

Amy Winehouse and her husband have flown to the US for rehab at the behest of their parents. Amy was hospitalized last week after overdosing on a cocktail of drugs.

“At one point, both Amy and Blake stripped off in front of Georgette to prove they had not been using needles.
“But they now realise that if they don’t get help now, they will both die young. This is their watershed, their wake-up call.

I’m surprised more British celebrities don’t come to America to rehab. The 30-day facilities over here will really help them get their act together what with the luxury spas, indoor swimming pools, personal chefs and 24 hour massage therapies. A virtual month in hell. At night, when celebs lie alone and scared under their 1,000 thread count sheets while their feet are rubbed down by two midgets making $2.50 an hour, they’ll think to themselves, “I’m going to make it through this barbarism. I just know it!” And why wouldn’t they? Celebrities have iron wills.

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