Angelina Jolie gave up girls

Today’s shocking claim from The Sun has destroyed everything I believe in. They say Angelina Jolie gave up lesbianism and S&M for Brad Pitt. In the past, Angelina has admitted to having sex with women, Jenny Shimizu in particular, and using knives in the bedroom.

However Angelina stressed she was now happy with Hollywood hunk Brad, 43 – but to keep her he needed “to be sexy”.
She told French magazine Public he trusted her not to cheat, adding: “He lets me talk to whomever I want.
“He has complete blind faith in me.”

I’m flabbergasted and at a loss for words. Gah. Brad. You… you… HOMEWRECKER!

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so what
so what
14 years ago

I don’t believe she gave up anything for wimpy Brad…and she sure doesn’t look hot anymore..of course I never thought she was hot..she now looks like a skinny bobblehead.

14 years ago

Yeah! Way to go Angelina!!! Praise the Lord!!!!!!!

A new and changed woman.A woman with a purpose!

14 years ago

You want to see how fake this nasty skank really is? Check out this link!

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