Beyonce flashes her boobs

Beyonce performed Deja Vu live in Toronto when she had an epileptic attack that sent her dress flying up, exposing her breasts. It’s not as erotic as it sounds. In fact, it’s blocky and blurry and has more to do with eye strain than eroticism. Regardless, she managed to hold the thing down while moving on to the jumping up and down segment of the show. She’s such a trooper.

While we’re on the subject, I haven’t seen a performance like this… ever. Well, except the time that old guy accidentally set himself on fire. He was doing the same exact moves. I suppose we could have told him to stop, drop and roll, but that wouldn’t have been nearly as amusing. And really, isn’t that what people are here for? To entertain me? Now, dance!

Video might be NSFW. You already played it? Whoops, sorry. Head over here if you want to watch Beyonce fall on her face.

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