Bill Murray pulled over for DUI in a golf cart

Bill Murray refused to take a breath test after he was stopped driving a golf cart through downtown Stockholm. Bill was pulled over on his way driving back from the Cafe Opera nightclub to his hotel and the police noticed alcohol on his breath. Christer Holmlund of the Stockholm police said,

“He refused to blow in the (breath test) instrument, citing American legislation,” Holmlund told The Associated Press on Wednesday. “So we applied the old method – a blood test. It will take 14 days before the results are in.”

Sweden sounds really strict. They say he will most likely pay a fine. Over in America, we have a freckled angel of death chasing a former assistant in someone else’s SUV at high speeds while in possession of cocaine. She’ll most likely pay a fine too. It goes to show that if they caught Bill over here, the police would probably find some girl to blow him. The LAPD is cruel like that.

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lee mitchell
16 years ago

It’s also been reported that Bill Murray was so drunk that he claimed that his own vomit was actually ectoplasm and insisted the the LAPD call him Dr. Venkman.

lee mitchell
16 years ago

See, jokes like this work better when you-AVOID THE TYPOS…lol