Brad Pitt was mistaken

Eager to give the paparazzi a taste of their own medicine, Brad Pitt accidentally frightened an innocent housewife. Mistaking a Lincoln Navigator with tinted windows for the paparazzi, Brad whipped out his camera and started snapping close up shots of Brigette Diller who was on her way to get a massage. The National Enquirer says,

“I was stopped at an intersection when I saw this guy jump out of the back seat of a white SUV,” Brigette told The ENQUIRER.

“I was confused. I thought he was going to get into a fight with the man in the car in front of me. I was shocked when he came right up to my passenger window, glared at me and started taking my picture. And when I realized it was Brad Pitt, I was even more shocked.”

“When it was over, I was kicking myself for not rolling down the window,” she said. “What are the chances of Brad Pitt coming up to you car?”

Brigette also has a request for Brad: “I’d like to get a copy of that photo that you took of me.”

Luckily, Brad didn’t do what I do when I get harassed by paparazzi and that is, stuff a tennis ball in their exhaust pipe and put sand in their gas tank. Pretty mean, but those guys are asking for it. Right, Brad? High five. Hey, so, what’re we doing tonight with Angelina? I was thinking we could… you have to do something. Now? I’ll just order us a round for when you get back then, ok? Brad?

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so what
so what
16 years ago

This is how Brad looks when Angelina tells him to get off his ass and do something…LOL