Britney accuses mother of sleeping with K-Fed

According to Star, the feud between Britney Spears and her mom Lynne Spears is still raging. Britney, angry that her mother forced her into rehab, has accused Lynne of sleeping with Kevin Federline to spite her.

“In a fit of rage, Britney accused her mom of sleeping with Kevin!” a friend tells Star. “Britney doesn’t know up from down right now. She’s so confused and angry, she told Lynne that she was so backstabbing, that she was probably sleeping with Kevin just to hurt her feelings. Lynne, on the other hand, is deeply hurt that her own daughter would so viciously accuse her of doing something so terrible.”

To assuage her mental anguish, Spears has taken to buying a new puppy every week.

The stress is just adding to Brit’s already fragile state, sources say. “She can’t seem to cope with anything,” the insider reveals. “She cries and says she feels like everyone is against her. I think she’s extremely paranoid. She buys puppies, because they fulfill some desperate need insider her, but the thrill is short-lived, so she goes back and gets another one. She goes out drinking and clubbing because it anesthetizes her and dulls the pain of fighting with her mom and divorcing Kevin. She can’t see it, but the partying is making it worse. Even though Britney’s friends and family aren’t getting along with her right now, they’re really concerned. One day she’s laughing and bouncing with energy and the next day she’s in despair and in tears.”

And why not? Puppies are just like shoes. You can keep a whole litter of them in your closet and choose which one matches your dress that day. Sure, half of them will be dead by the end of the week, but, god, you’re rich and famous. Just go out and buy another one. Like that cute, white lab you saw the other day. That’ll go great with your see-through shirt.

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16 years ago

Next stop Jerry Springer!…..or Maury Povich.