Britney Spears drives around aimlessly

Britney Spears

Contrary to a report yesterday that Britney Spears was taking her kids out of the country, OK! Magazine says she’s still in L.A. and still acting strange. Yesterday, Britney took her kids on a two hour, non-stop car ride through Beverly Hills.

She drove 20 miles north up the 101 freeway in rush hour traffic toward the community of Calabasas. “The kids were in the back of the car and Britney just seemed to be driving aimlessly,” says an eyewitness tells OK! “She was going up and down random streets in different neighborhoods.”

And all you people probably thought Britney finally lost it. Boy, were you wrong. Turns out she’s actually the poster girl for sanity. In your face America. In. Your. Face.

KISS FM also played a new Britney song. Why don’t you just listen to it over here. I dare you.

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