Caption this contest, win free stuff

Ben Foster

Someone is letting me give away free stuff for Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony’s movie El Cantante which opens August 3. They’re giving me a t-shirt, a poster and a soundtrack to give away. All you have to do is caption the picture of Josh Hartnett and Ben Foster above with something witty or something really profound. Preferably not the caption I already chose for it. I’ll pick whoever has the best one and you’ll get free stuff in the mail. FREE STUFF!

Post a comment (leave a working email) or use the contact form here since my comment system is iffy or send an email to theblemish at gmail dot com. Note for the comments. It may take 10 minutes for your comment to show. Contest will end Aug. 2, 11:59 PST. Only one entry per person, unless you thought of a real good line.

  • James Miller

    Jennifer Lopez is a cunt! Do I win???

  • Lust

    “Why do birds suddenly appear…?”

  • Tammy

    You’re so special!!!

  • “Isn’t he handsome?”

  • Vinh Huynh

    My bad, Josh, is your jaw sore?

  • Snake

    “Love is in the air”

  • TB

    Ben’s thoughts:

    “I believe in miracles, where you from you sexy thing you sexy thing…”

    Josh’s thoughts:

    “Wow Ben I can’t believe this…you actually thought that stupid bow chicka wow wow spray from the axe commercial would do the trick…seriously I don’t swing that way…I must admit I am flattered but it would be best for both of us if I look away now before this ends up on all over the web…”

  • JowyyKazza

    “It’s to bad Josh hasn’t been in any good movies…ever…”

  • anon

    “The agony of unrequited love”

  • Jay

    “God I hope Jennifer Lopez and her husband Skelator die in a horrible plane crash…oh and Josh sure does look dreamy…but back to Lopez…what a cunt!”

  • Zelda

    “Luckily I’m seated behind this table skirt…”

  • AY

    “No one knows you are bottom-half naked under the table.”


  • Kate

    Ben – “I’ve finally found someone who loves me for me! Not like that douche Matt Damon who went and increased his security all-of-a-sudden…”
    Josh – ::chuckling nervously:: ” I need a restraining order…now…”

  • Clinton

    Oh, to have hair again.

  • JM

    “God how I want to put my penis in his mouth…and Jennifer Lopez is a cunt”

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