Colombian reality tv is awesome

(The above clip is not the show and might be NSFW) A subscription based Colombian reality show, Los Pichones (The Young Pigeons), rewards contestants who have the dirtiest sex. In it, participants are divided into 2 teams, fellatio and cunnilingus. Their advancement in the game depends on how depraved their sex acts are as voted on by the audience. Reports indicate 800 people have already applied to be on it.

If sex is not too filthy or scandalous, the couple is expelled. Contestants go through tests such as having sex with your wife in front of a group of friends, sadomasochism or having sex in a manger rolling around on animal excrements.

Why does Colombia get this while we get little kids running around a ghost town. This is totally unacceptable. Stupid kids. If this is real, I will make it my mission to find it. In the meantime, I put up a clip of a Japanese reality show. Possibly NSFW. Even Japan has better television than us. America is so far behind.

Here’s some more info on it. Translated from Spanish to English.

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