Cuba Gooding is a ladies man

Cuba Gooding Jr. has been going through New York sluts like Taco Bell through my colon. The married actor of 13 years was seen at club Tenjune last Friday making out with five different women at his table. NYDN says,

“First he made out with two girls. Then a fight broke out because some idiot thought he could hang out at his table, [but Gooding] was undeterred,” says the source.

“After that he made out with at least three other girls. He does not discriminate, either – Asians, blonds, brunettes. The girls were getting p–d at each other also because they were like, ‘He just made out with me!'”

We received a similar report in June of the actor trying to pick up a young lady in the parking lot of Katsyua in the L.A. suburb of Brentwood.

“He kept asking her to get in the car and go with him,” said a witness. “The hilarious part about this is that you can see he’s got a designer baby seat in the back of his car while he’s hitting on my friend.”

Wow, the club story is pretty cool, but the parking lot one is kind of creepy. I tried picking up girls with a baby seat before. Evidently, it’s a huge turn-off. Especially when you don’t have a baby. I will say though, I’m impressed Cuba Gooding Jr. is still pulling tail despite being in Daddy Day Care and Norbit. Five ladies in one night? I’m lucky if the mailwoman lets me graze her arm.

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