Disturbing children’s books and time wasters

Children's book

I learned a lot from this children’s book. Like how other uncles have no problem cuddling. You see that uncle Dave?! CONAN O’ BRIEN, IS THAT YOU?!

  • Drunken Stepfather: Ana Farris in her underwear. If I didn’t know any better, I’d think all these pictures are out there on purpose to hype up House Bunny.
  • CityRag: Chuck Norris Has Plastic Surgery, So What
  • Bastardly: Ashley Scott in a bikini.
  • HO: Keira Knightley does Elle
  • CNW: Madonna gets juiced
  • Celebitchy: Law & Order SVU actor arrested for child pr0n on his computer
  • CelebWarship: Victoria Beckham really loves L.A.
  • UseMyComputer: Kristen Bell at the Superbad premier. She’s still around despite her show being canceled.
  • Attuworld: A strange and great commercial
  • Dlisted: Suri Cruise has been sent to the gallows
  • TC: Mischa Barton is a mess
  • TM: The first naked Miss Universe is back (NSFW)
  • IDLYITW: First pictures of Lohan in rehab
  • SOW: John Mayer and Mandy Moore. Sure, why not?
  • CS: Jack Osbourne Worries That Sister Kelly Will Elope. I think that quote is wrong, It should be Jack Osbourne worries that sister Kelly will eat an antelope.
  • Pajiba: 2 days in Paris is, um, hmm
  • EB: Avril Lavigne Not So Psyched to Be in Shanghai
  • College Humor: Phantom of the Office Part 2. I didn’t know he was such a douche
  • As if it couldn’t be any more disturbing…Uncle Pete share’s an uncanny resemblence to Conan O’Brien.

  • I think you’re on to something there lee.

  • demonbane

    Oh man, how did you get one of Britney’s children’s nursery book?

  • i was going to say the same thing about Conan

  • Apparently some people want Conan to feature this on his show and the author is an “ex-gay reparative therapist”. Check Richard Cohen on Wikipedia.

  • Kevin

    If it feels good, do it. That is what is being taught in the school systems today by old acid burn-outs from the sixties. Oops, colleges. I have two mommies. I have two daddies.

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