Dunkleman makes fun of Seacrest

At a Laugh Factory show last week, former season one American Idol co-host, Brian Dunkleman, went on a bitter tirade against Ryan Seacrest. TMZ says,

Dunkleman, now an alleged comedian, poked fun at his stint on “Idol,” but when he began making inappropriate comments like, “If wishes came true Ryan Seacrest would have AIDS,” the laughter stopped faster than it does at a screening of “I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry.”

Shorty after, he corrected himself and said Seacrest probably already has AIDS. Hey, that hole looks pretty deep. You sure you can get out? Maybe the audience just didn’t understand the joke. It’s because everybody thinks Ryan Seacrest is gay and gay people stereotypically contract HIV which leads to AIDS. Hello? Is this thing on? Shucks, Brian, tough room I guess. It’s a wonder you were kicked off American Idol.

The only good thing about Dunkleman is that I now have a “Brian Dunkleman” tag that I can associate with “idiot”.

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Nick the Stick
Nick the Stick
16 years ago

Gay people “stereotypically” get HIV?! That’s like saying fat people stereotypically have heart attacks; drug dealers stereotypically go to jail; and/or people who live in NYC stereotypically take the subway.

16 years ago

i fully back those stereotypes

i am mexican and i love burittos!