Ed Harris is a baby

Ed Harris

Ed Harris was detained for 3 hours at Heathrow airport yesterday for being a pissy bitch. The “famous” Hollywood actor was asked to empty his pockets for a security checkpoint. His response was to throw a “hissy fit”. Harris threw his keys on the table causing coins in his pocket to go everywhere and then chucked his wallet to the floor for security. Karma reared its retard head when security found a lock-knife in his pocket and quickly called the police.

“He was taken away and only then did he realise the full seriousness of what was going on.
“Harris was left to calm down and then questioned for hours. He missed his flight and realised what he’d done was stupid.
“I don’t think he will be quite so arrogant or stupid when flying in future.”

Wah, wah, wah. Mr. Hollywood here thinks he’s royalty. I guarantee if I did that security wouldn’t just question me for three hours, they’d stick their hand up my ass to check for contraband. Twice. All I can ask is that they be nice about it and compliment me on my glutes because I’ve been working really hard on them. It’s not often I get to show these babies off.

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