Eva Longoria is skinny and time wasters

Eva Longoria

Celebrity Babylon took this shot of Eva Longoria looking like a sick zombie. You hear that? That was my erection bursting through my jeans. Now, waste your time with these.

  • ASL: Shiloh Smells Like Cold Hard Cash
  • Bossip: Superhead Still Has The Ho Game on Lock
  • Drunken Stepfather: Ashley Tisdale in a Bikini
  • Bastardly: Bastardly Hasbeen Cam: Jessica Simpson Lookin’ Sexy!
  • Grumpiest: Sophie Anderton Bikini Pictures
  • HB: Debbie Harry’s Bizarre Fountain of Youth
  • Yeeeah: Madonna in a Wet T-Shirt
  • AB: Poor Little GPal
  • DH: Eva Mendes Candid Pictures
  • NinjaDude: OJ Simpson Owned By Live TV Callers
  • TC: Jenna Jameson is a tragedy.

Random stuff

  • CH: Pole control
  • Shoot ‘Em Up: The red band trailer. Clive Owen is like a penguin with guns.
  • CH: This is how parents party
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