Friday time wasters

Tara Reid

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  • Drunken Stepfather: Tara Reid is a bikini gypsy.
  • Bossip: Akon wants to make a reality show about fake Akons.
  • CityRag: Donald Trump loves a mullet.
  • Dlisted: Pete Doherty wants to remove his Kate Moss tattoo.
  • Celebitchy: Amy Winehouse went on a 3 day bender.
  • SOW: Baby Spice had a baby.
  • Bastardly: Emma Watson signs photographs.
  • HO: Amy Alexandra from UK Big Brother
  • Attuworld: Elisabetta Gregoraci (I have no idea)
  • Fleshbot: Honey Doll Has Touch Sensors, Moans, Has Fake Orgasms (NSFW)
  • Celebslam: Amanda Bynes is a hero
  • CS: Why Britney lip syncs.
  • CH: Table crash.
  • TC: Debra Messing side boob.
  • Egotastic: Kate Hudson bikini pictures.
  • TM: Jennifer Hawkins Nude Offer By Men’s Magazine
  • Grumpiest: Paris is smart.
  • lee

    Wow…Tara Ried, soaking wet and falling over… What else is new?

  • Tara Reid: Soaking wet, stumbling, and going way over board. What else is new?

  • I basically said this twice. Thanks computer glich! …modern technology (*%@#)

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