Halle Berry may be pregnant

Halle Berry

Sources tell The National Enquirer that Halle Berry is overjoyed after finding out she’s two months pregnant. However, she’s worried about a difficult pregnancy because of her diabetes.

“Halle is so happy right now,” said an insider. “She’s wanted a baby for so long. But at the same time she’s scared because she is very aware of the complications that having diabetes can cause during pregnancy. She’s doing everything possible to make sure her baby is born healthy.”

The article also mentions Halle Berry is 41. 41! She can’t be human. Not when Jenna Jameson is 33 and looks like this and when Kirsten Dunst is 25 and looks like this. I don’t know how many babies she had to eat to maintain her youth, but it must be a lot because I’m already on my 251st and I’m still aging. Note: Babies go great with broccoli and ranch dressing. You may want to cook them in Sprite to soften their bones some more.

These are the most recent pics I could find of Halle from the beginning of the month which could confirm the pregnancy. It could also confirm she likes loose fitting dresses.

Halle Berry is flowyHalle Berry is flowyHalle Berry is flowyHalle Berry is flowyHalle Berry is flowy

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