I wish Britney was my mother

Think all those jokes you read about Britney’s mothering skills were just that? Well, think again. Us Weekly tells of Britney’s quest to make her baby beautiful.

The tooth fairy may be making early visits to 22-month-old Sean. “He’s having dental problems because Britney just shoves a bottle of juice in his mouth all the time to stop him from crying,” a family insider tells Us.
Another source says that, in April, Spears “asked an L.A. dentist if he would whiten her kid’s teeth!” The dentist refused.

Not only is Britney an unfit mother, she’s socially retarded too.

Spears and her kids became high-end squatters July 22, when they toured — then took over for several hours — a Pacific Palisades home, on the market for $6.5 million.
Upon arrival, her bodyguard removed the FOR SALE sign, then went to her Beverly Hills home to fetch some of their belongings. The result was a home seller’s nightmare, with Spears and her kids trashing the house before money exchanged hands.
“She ate tacos on the bedroom floor!” a source says of the home. “She got crumbs and grease everywhere. She let her babies and her dog roam the floor. She left the bed a mess — I don’t know what’s wrong with her.”

Uh huh. Next they’ll say giving a baby a shot of Vodka to make them stop crying is bad or you shouldn’t give them an Ambien to help them sleep. Sounds like a lot of hippie bs to me. If God didn’t want babies to have white teeth, he wouldn’t have invented Crest white strips.

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