Jennifer Aniston bikini paddling a surfboard

In hopes of staying relevant, Jennifer Aniston was in a bikini top out in Hawaii where Jennifer Garner was a while back, doing the same stupid thing. Paddling a surfboard. Does anyone care about her anymore? It’s over for this girl. She’s not a good actor and she’s pretty much screwed out of everything else. If it wasn’t for all that money rolling in from her syndicated show, she’d be eye deep in blow telling kids at the club about her glory days when she was the hot one on Friends. Jennifer Aniston is practically living out every woman’s fear of being an old maid. Someone should buy her a lot of cats. I hear lonely people love cats.

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so what
so what
16 years ago

Jen looks great..still has a rockin body.

16 years ago

Get your head out of your ass OP. She is a good actress, a good person and a lot of us are looking for ward to her new movies. Jealous much?
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