Justin Timberlake cheating on Jessica Biel

Justin Timberlake, who is reportedly with Jessica Biel, was seen at an HBO party at the rooftop of the Tribeca Grand cavorting with a bronzed-skin, long haired brunette. Page Six says,

They were obviously into each other,” said the spy. “It was just the two of them . . . he had no entourage at all.” Another source dished to us, “He is notorious. He will [bleep] anything.” A rep for Timberlake said, “I have no comment on his personal life.”

I’m sure Justin Timberlake wasn’t cheating. The guy is a wimp and Jessica Biel is built Ford tough. She’d smash him if she found out he was cheating. His arms would snap like tiny little twigs. His friends would ask, “Hey Justin, how’d you break your arms?” “It’s nothing,” he would say. “I fell down some stairs. I don’t want to talk about it.” Aww, look at him, poor thing is going to cry again.

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16 years ago

Omg!! Talk about not practicing what you preach. “What goes around, comes around”? Hello, J.T., I thought he got the memo… geez what I am saying, this is Holloywood after all.

lee mitchell
16 years ago

…And you know Jessica is thinking, “You bastard, you better’d not be cheating on me, because you’ll never find a butt like mine again-EVER!”

14 years ago

we all have nothing better to do than to suspect,blame and be interested in celebrities.JT has been someone that obviously cant be trusted so whats the big surprise.