Kevin Federline wants more money

Kevin Federline’s sudden change of heart may have more to do with money than the well-being of his two kids. The failed rapper immediately filed papers to have 70/30 custody after being given 50/50 custody with Britney. He has also served Allie Sims with a deposition and his lawyer also wants to take Britney’s deposition. However, a source says that in Britney’s depo, it’s all financial with no mention of the kids.

Whatever. This is obviously a smear campaign concocted by the dastardly TMZ to destroy K-Fed’s reputation. Can’t you see? It’s clear as day. Kevin is merely trying to be a good father. A good father who drives a sweet Lamborghini.

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Mia Powell
Mia Powell
16 years ago

I think if he do get the kids he should get a job and she should not have to give him anything, because how is he taking care of his other kids. And brit need to get her act together, so can keep her own kids. so that loser can get a real job if he have any talent.