Kid Nation: Kids are dumb

The “controversial” CBS show Kid Nation, in which kids attempt to run a ghost town, will debut in September. However, despite being praised as being a safe learning experience by parents and children, one mother alleges the conditions were abusive and want authorities to investigate. The mother, Janis Miles, says her daughter’s face was splattered with grease while trying to cook potatoes on a wood stove and that four other kids accidentally drank bleach.

Daphne, a Chicago mother, said her 14-year-old son, DK, accidentally used bleach when he was mixing a soda drink but felt fine after he tasted it. She said the show was an opportunity for her son to meet kids from other backgrounds.

How does someone “accidentally” use bleach. No, seriously. Do kids blindly take containers of Clorox and mix it with soda? Why are kids mixing soda in the first place? Is this what they mean by natural selection? Damn, kids are stupid. “Hey guys, this soda tastes like soda. Let’s make it taste like something other than soda. Like death. Yeah! Let’s make it taste like death. First some bleach and then some Windex and then top it off with some Lysol for that lemony flavor. Mmm, deathlicious.”

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16 years ago

Are they saying that the camera crew stood by and watched the kids mix the bleach with the soda? What were they thinking?… Oh probably something like this makes for better t.v.

16 years ago

The parents don’t give a sh$t about their kids if they signed this contract: