Kirsten Dunst was robbed

Kirsten Dunst’s penthouse suite at the SoHo Grand Hotel in Manhattan was ransacked when thieves slipped through an open door. Dunst left in the early morning to shoot scenes for How to Lose Friends and Alienate People. A documentary, perhaps? The guys weren’t very smart about robbing Dunst because they were caught on tape and one of them was arrested when he went to court for an unrelated incident.

…the thieves grabbed designer bags, $2,500 in cash, credit and ID cards, two digital cameras, a cell phone and an iPod music player

These two are brave. They robbed freaking Sabretooth. She will eat you and your babies. I read that she has a heightened sense of smell and her teeth can tear through bone. You guys are so screwed.

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16 years ago

She’s fairly stupid for leaving her door open, what if they’d found all her drugs?
Enjoy Brangelina haters