Lindsay Lohan could be pregnant

Lindsay Lohan

According to OK! Magazine via Splash, Lindsay Lohan hasn’t entered a rehab in Utah, rather, she’s been in hiding because she’s pregnant. I don’t buy this. Just look at her.

A Friend close to the star, who is also rumoured to be in rehab, told a US magazine that the actress may not be in rehab at all, and may be in hiding over the rumoured pregnancy. A pal told the US edition of OK! magazine: “It woudn’t be the first time she had a pregnancy scare.”

Lohan, 21, whose new film ‘I Know Who Killed Me’ has flopped, is reported to be at Cirque Lodge rehab clinic in Utah, USA, but her spokeperson has refused to confirm the reports. Despite persistent rumours there have been no sightings of the star at the Utah complex.

I asked the imaginary fetus about how it feels to be the future child of Lindsay Lohan and it said, “They’re not taking me alive!” and started wrapping the umbilical cord around its neck.

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