Lindsay Lohan might release third album

With her two DUI’s and cocaine possession, insurance companies have been cautious about bonding Lindsay Lohan’s films; effectively stalling her acting career. Now that she has all this free time, Lindsay has made it known to Universal Studios that she’s ready to work on her third album.

“Lindsay loves music,” a friend tells us. “She loves writing songs.” Her track “Confessions of a Broken Heart (Daughter to Father)” grew out of her tormented relationship with dad Michael Lohan.

Lindsay is certainly less of a gamble as a singer. “A record by Lindsay Lohan costs almost nothing to make,” says one exec. “She doesn’t need a big band. You just give her some songs and session musicians. And, God knows, she already has name recognition.”

But lately, relations between Mottola and Lohan are said to have cooled. (He didn’t return our calls.) And others at Universal Music are approaching her cautiously.

“As much as she wants to make another album,” says one insider, “the feeling is she needs to get herself cleaned up. Then we can talk about it.”

I wanted to make an album once, but my voice was too sexy. At least, that’s what I say as I cry myself to sleep at night. Gosh, they didn’t have to laugh that loud and for that long. That was just mean.

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