Michelle Trachtenberg is ghastly

Eek, it’s a ghost. Run! Michelle Trachtenberg was at the Killers concert at the Hard Rock looking like she fell into a vat of flour or a tub of sperm. Heh, but what weirdo keeps gallons of semen lying around. *Looks around nervously* Listen, you gotta be ready if a girl ever mentions bukkake. Get off my back, alright?

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TiVo Faces
16 years ago

That outfit looks like she’s about to start tapdancing and burst into song. Are you sure she’s not filming a musical right now?

16 years ago

I’ve looked at these pictures a couple times and I keep getting more and more confused. Sometimes I think she looks cute. Other times I can’t believe she’s wearing that. Maybe I just like the color red on her? I just don’t know. Stop it, Michelle Trachtenberg! Wear something less confusing (but still red)!