Nick Bollea might have learned his lesson

Nick Hogan described his yellow Supra (now totaled) and yellow Viper as pussy magnets in an interview he gave last week for the September issue of Rides. He also bragged about how his “celebrity” status keeps him out of jail when speeding.

In my silver Viper, I was driving from Miami to Tampa. I got pulled over going 107 [mph] and the guy let me off. He’s like, “Hey, I know who you are, just keep going, ya know.” Dude, I got back on the road and two minutes later I get pulled over going 113 [mph]. Another highway patrol from the same county said, “I just heard on the radio that my buddy pulled you over and let you go. I’ma let you go this time. It’s your second warning. You get pulled over again, you’re probably going to go to jail.” Three minutes later, [I was] doing 123 [mph] in a 50 [mph zone]. The guy is like, “Hey, I just heard you got pulled over twice in the last 10 minutes. I got to write you a ticket.”

I know what you mean Nick. It’s pretty cool when cops stop me for going 70 mph over the speed limit and I’m all worried, but then the cop goes, “Hey, aren’t you that guy. Yea, you’re THAT guy,” and then lets me go. Right after he tasers me and beats me with his baton. I don’t mean to brag, but me and the CHP are like this. *crosses fingers*

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16 years ago

i wonder how much of those comments are typical exaggeration. how do u go 123 in a 50mph zone? and not to bring up race, but if this was nick cannon, or lil bow wow, they’d get a beatdown. beat-DOWN i say!