Reader e-mail and time wasters

Salma Hayek

First, I’d like to congratulate Salma Hayek on her soon to be newborn elephant. I hope he/she won’t be hunted for ivory.

I question the sanity of some of you readers. Especially this Ian fellow. I really have no idea what he’s talking about, but I had a conversation with him anyway because I have no life experience.

Ian: Hi. Your ‘website’ is shit. You are preying on the minds of innocent girls who visit you LOOKING for information on people such as, ohh, I don’t know, that girl in ‘High School’ you were always jealous of, but hey, you were way smarter and like really good at arranging THINGS because, hey, he likes that. And, eh. Maybe you need to take a LESSON from the IRISH and cop the fuck on you ignorant little twit. I am referring to you as if your pathetic SITE is one slovenly entity. Email me back you idiot. Or don’t. Then I will have your silence around me neck for all to fucking see you moronic twit. Fuck, get some LIFE experience and stop STARING at a FUCKING SCREEN. fUCK.

Me: Wow. That was one huge, nonsensical rant.

Ian: Woh, are you from like the past?! No shit! Cos, seriously, step up to where I’m at. Buy a thesaurus. What?!

Me: Super happy fun time.

Ian: I want to mate with you. How old are you?

Me: e^4+sqrt(16)-i^2

Ian: St Patrick WILL destroy you, just wait, just wait. And a response? No, no. Silence is for your mouth to fill

Here’s another from Don Hughes regarding this 10 MONTH OLD post where I made fun of his lawsuit alleging Fox stole his Prison Break idea.

Uneducated ? Your comments about my brother and I show your ignorance…Unless Fox gave you a copy of our manuscript you are not even qualified to issue an opinion..Out manuscript included DB Cooper, the President, an innocent brother being broken out of prison by (me). And these are far more than brother passing himself off as an FBI agent etc. etc. It goes on and on…as for your comment about not being smart—I have a degree in journalism and retired after 40 years…Your are biased, illiterate, and don’t bother with the facts..Kiss my ass !!!!

You want to compare degrees? I have a degree in kick-assery. Beat that. Now waste your time with these.

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  • Celebslam: Orlando Bloom and his pornstache
  • UseMyComputer: Today Hayden Panettiere is wearing blue. You heard it here first
  • IDLYITW: Britney Spears Probably Had Sex With Criss Angel
  • Attuworld: How to iron clothes. For men
  • AB: The Daily Mail Retracts Cheating Doherty Story
  • CS: The Nirvana baby is talking again. Probably poor
  • Grumpiest: Superbad interview gone wrong
  • HO: Sreet Fighter the later years. Part 3
  • Hollywood Tuna: Hilary Duff’s Legs Can’t Cure A Hangover
  • SOW: Becks scores a goal
  • Celebrity Scoop: Evan Rachel Woods does GQ
  • Emily

    That guy Don Hughes, is retarded. How can he tell you, you’re not qualified to issue an opinion. That’s why it’s an OPINION, Don Hughes.

    By the way, your site is awesome

  • Thanks Emily. Judging by your comment, I can tell you’re really sexy. Just like me!

  • Nicolina

    Oh shit! I am an embarrassment to my Irish brethren for reading this site! I shall never be able to return to the motherland.

  • Kevin

    Selma is going to be the best Mom in The United States of America after she give birth.

  • kimberly

    why is that Don Hughes guy calling you illiterate when he obviously misspelled “your”

  • Obviously, it’s because Don Hughes holds a degree in journalism and I don’t.

  • Cher

    My head started hurting after I finished reading Ian’s convo. Seriously, what the hell?

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