Rumer Willis is a naked dunce

Rumer Willis

Bruce Willis’ daughter, Rumer Willis, was seen filming a scene from one of three movies she has coming out. Rumer is sitting in a chair, naked, dressed in some sort of body armor with a metallic dunce cap on her head. My guess is this is from the untitled Anna Faris movie.

A recently sacked pin-up girl (Faris) signs up to be the new house mother at UCLA’s nerdiest sorority.

Sounds fascinating, although, these pictures make no sense at all. Much like that bottle of Vicodin. Why would I take only 1 when 10 feels so much better? I don’t dgiet oit m,.,mcp90wpq.w…….

Rumer Willis is a dunceRumer Willis is a dunceRumer Willis is a dunce

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