Scary Spice wants her money

Melanie Brown aka Scary Spice has filed a petition in Superior Court to legally bind Eddie Murphy as the father of her child. Melanie wants sole custody and child support. Eddie took a paternity test earlier which definitively said the baby was his.

“I am here today for one reason and one reason only; her name is Angel,” Brown said. “Angel is my baby and Eddie’s. She will always know that she was planned and wanted by both of us.”

This didn’t sound planned. It sounds like the condom broke or Eddie Murphy doesn’t know how a penis works. Maybe he’s so used to his tranny hookers who don’t get pregnant. After five children, you’d think he’d learn. I bet every time Eddie’s girlfriend tells him she’s pregnant, he gets all wide-eyed and yells, “Sorcerer!,” and makes a cross with his two index fingers.

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