Scary Spice’s husband isn’t so nice

Melanie Brown married Stephen Belafonte secretly in Las Vegas two months ago. Today, Stephen’s ex-common-law wife, Nicole Contreras, has revealed he was physically abusive. In 2003, Belafonte plead no-contest to accusations that he “willfully and unlawfully” used violence against Nicole. His excuse, “This happened crazily, one drunk, retarded night.” Ordered to attend a domestic violence program, Belafonte skipped so many classes he was kicked out twice.

This charming individual was also married to Nancy Carmell back in 1997 while another one of his ex-girlfriends claimed he cheated on her throughout their relationship. As you can tell, she thinks very highly of Stephen,

“But he later told me that he was still sleeping with her throughout the whole time we dated.
“I knew in my gut something wasn’t right about this guy. He was such a psycho and all-round weirdo.”

Every girl has her prince charming. This is Melanie Brown’s. Right out of a fairy tale, he is. All he needs is a suit of armor, a lance and a unicorn to turn Mel. B’s fantasy into a reality. Oh, I bet all the ladies are so jealous.

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