Surprise! It’s another remake

Following the success of other remakes such as The Grudge, Warner Bros. plan to remake the Bruce Lee classic Enter the Dragon. The only glimmer of hope is that The Shield producer, Kurt Sutter, is attached to write and direct. The bad news is Kurt Sutter also has The Punisher: Welcome Back Frank on his resume.

Word is, Warner Bros. next plans to remake Fight Club. This version will be more family friendly and will star that guy from One Tree Hill and that girl from Gilmore Girls. And instead of the Pixies singing at the end, it will be Hilary Duff. Are you as excited as I am?! Let the rain fall down indeed.

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lee mitchell
16 years ago

Why remake ‘Fight Club’? That movie is wierd and unorthodox, but for some reason, I actually liked it and understood it…lol…go figure.

lee mitchell
16 years ago

Remakes, sequels, remakes of sequels, remakes of remakes….What is going on in Hollywood. Is there some kind of epidemic of writer’s block or something. But, if they must, I suspect I’d be waiting in line to see the Enter the Dragon remake…well, we will see.