Ted Nugent wants Obama to suck on these

During a performance last week, Ted Nugent became very vocal in his opposition to Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton by waving two machine guns in the air and telling them to suck on it. This further proves Ted Nugent is a maniac. I don’t know how old he is, 60 or 105, but I think he needs to calm down before he has a heart attack. He probably hunts deer with those things too because there’s nothing more satisfying than getting back to nature by unloading 200 rounds of armor piercing bullets into Bambi. That’s how the Native Americans did it and that’s how everyone else should do it.

  • josh harper

    hey I wish more rockers spoke their minds.
    I just hope they dont all sugar coat things like Ted did

  • Travis Merit

    Ted Nugent can suck my dick!!

  • Real American

    Ted is the best!!!!! Barrack Hussein Osama and Hitlery are both c*nts!!!!

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